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Model Kit Reviews                             

                 Trumpeter Models 1/35, M198 155mm Howitzer Early Version

               Dragon Models 1/35, M2A1 105mm Howitzer

                  Commander Models 1/35,  M561 Gama Goat

                  AFV Club 1/35, 105mm Ammunition Crates and Containers  

                  AFV Club US 105mm Brass Howitzer Ammunition  

                  Archer Tranfers 155mm & 203mm Cartridge & Shell Stencils

                  Bronco Models 1/35, M1A1 155mm Howitzer 


 Model Build Blogs

                 M40 155mm Self Propelled Gun

              M50 Ontos, 106mm Recoilless Rifles

              M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer

              M3 105mm Mountain Howitzer

              M119  105mm Howitzer

              M198  155mm Howitzer

              M667/M740 Lance Missile Carrier/Launcher

              M1128  105mm MGS (Mobile Gun System)

              M8 Armored Car

              M561 Gama Goat  

              OH-6 LOACH (Light Observation Army Helicopter)

              T19 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage 

              M108 105mm Self Propelled Howitzer

              M1200 Armored Knight 

              M1917A4 155mm Howitzer 

             M115 8 inch (203mm) Howitzer 

             M4 18 Ton High Speed Tractor

             M104 1 1/2 tom Trailer 

             M1009 Commercial Utility Combat Vehicle 

             M114A1 155mm Howitzer  

            MIM14 Nike Hercules Missile 

            M110A2 8 inch Self Propelled Howitzer   

            M274 Mule 


Artillery Equipment Manuals

                TM 9-1015-203-12 M101A1 105mm Howitzer

                 TM 9-1025-211-10 M198 155mm Howitzer

                 TM 9-1326 M3 105mm Howitzer

                  OR 13-149 Pershing Missile Overview

              TM 9-1901 Artillery Ammunition 

              TM 9-705 M3A1 Scout Car

              TM 9-340 240mm M1918 Howitzer 

              FM 6-75 Service of the Piece M2 105mm Howitzer 

              FM 6-95 Service of the Piece M1 8 inch Gun and M1 240mm Howitzer

                TM 9-1015-234-10 M102 105mm Howitzer 

                HB-WCXXWS Field Artillery Cannon Systems and Ammunition 1983

             TM 9-6920-361-13 M31 14.5mm Artillery Trainer

               TM 9-428 6 Inch Seacoast Gun 

               TB-43-0209 Vehicle Markings 

               Charlie One - The Last Cannon 


Other Artillery & Artillery Modeling Information

               Artillery Modeling Seminar Slides from AMPS East 2010

            The Studio, More than the Bench, Seminar Slides from AMPS East 2011

               1/35 Scale US Self Propelled Artillery Kits

               1/35 Scale US Towed Artillery Kits 

            1/35 Scale US Missile Artillery Kits 


Other General or Modeling Information

                Testors Model Master Acrylic Paint Chart 

                Tamiya Acrylic Paint Chart

                Poly Scale Acrylic Paint Chart

                True Type US Military Stencil Font for Windows 

               Prime Portal  

               Toadman's Tank Pictures 

               MERDC Camouflage Information

               FS and RLM Matching to Model Paints 

               Paint Lighting Adjustment 

              Steve Zaloga's article on Olive Drab paint 



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