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Museums, Associations, Historical Groups, etc.                             

                    New Jersey National Guard Militia Museum

                Fourth Infantry Regiment, 56th  FA BDE Pershing Missile

                   US Army Field Artillery Association                                    

 Scale Modeling Organizations and Clubs

                  IPMS International Plastic Modeling Society

              Amps Armor Model Preservation Society

              NMMANorth East Military Modelers Association

Fellow Modelers & Friends

                  by Gino Quintiliani

              by Kevin Keefe (sadly this site is no longer available, but check out some of his  great mortar pictures on this site on the Walk around  page)

                 by Tim Streeter 

              by Bill Plunk

            Wing Nut Models, by Marc Rocca

             Scratchmod, by Rob Ferreira 

             Celticwerks, by Steve Reid 

             by Jose Rodriguez

            by Terry Ashley


Modeling Forums & SITES           

              Fine Scale Modeler


            Missing Lynx

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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact me and give me your comments on the models displayed or this site in general at Michael Del Vecchio.

You can also find me on the forums listed above either by Mike Del Vecchio or by redleg12.

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