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About Mike Del Vecchio

REDLEG-2-SCALE contains my personal collection of scale model U.S. artillery and armored fighting vehicles. When I was a boy, I built many models from scratch and kits.  They were not as detailed or  realistic as some models we see today, but building was my passion. With age came life's responsibilities so I drifted away from modeling through college, military career, professional career, marriage and children. In 2004, I came across an Italeri M107 while out shopping. Something in me made me buy it. The kit sat around for another year or so and then one day I sat down and opened it.  After a 30 year absence, thus returned my passion for modeling. Since coming back to scale modeling, I have learned a great deal about the techniques involved in making more realistic quality display models, remembered a ton of techniques I used many years ago and in the course of experimentation, have also come up with a few new techniques of my own. Today’s models are more complex and detailed with many additions such as photo-etch parts and other aftermarket add on items. Yet, I also enjoy some of the older kits and the challenge to keep them fresh with today’s technology. At this point in my life, modeling helps me relax and enjoy life more. As a retired artillery officer and history enthusiast, I enjoy Armor models. I stay basically with WWII to present US artillery and support equipment. It allows me to be back in the field with artillery equipment, albeit in miniature.


I hope that none of the information on this web site offends anyone. I am not a proponent of war, however I do believe in a strong National Defense. I am a proud veteran. I do not belong to any radical organizations or militias, and I certainly mean no harm to anyone in anyway, shape or form. I am only looking at this for it's historical sense and also from a scale modeling enthusiast's point of view.

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All of the material contained in this web site is © copyright and is the sole property of the author, unless otherwise specified. The information found on this website is intended for personal reference use only. No information contained herein is to be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever without prior written permission. THIS IS TO INCLUDE ON-LINE AUCTION SELLERS. Sellers that are found to be in violation of this will have their auctions promptly removed without warning. All you need to do is ask!

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