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REDLEG-2-SCALE is a scale model collection of U.S. Artillery and Armored Fighting Vehicles

REDLEG-2-SCALE is the personal modeling site of Michael Del Vecchio. A retired US Army artillery officer with a passion for history, art and the military

News from the Blockhouse as of winter 2017/18

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3 New Completed Builds;

      M578 Armored Recovery Vehicle

     M981 FIST Vehicle

     V2 #2 US Firing 

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8 New Walk Around are presented from Mortars in Miniature by Kevin Keefe, including

     M1 81mm mortar

     M2 60mm mortar

     M29 81mm mortar

     M30 4.2 inch mortar

     M98 107mm towed mortar

     M121 120mm mortar

     M252 81mm mortar

     M1064 120mm self propelled mortar

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3 New Manuals

1 New Item in Missiles


Redleg-2-Scale NEWS

Modeling News


Bench News

Currently on the Bench – 1/35 scale M129 Launcher Trailer & MIM-23 Hawk Missile  

Next Up –  1/35 scale LVT(A)4 75mm Howitzer

In Research - 1/35 scale M41 155mm Howitzer

In Waiting - 1/35 scale scratch build of the land based Phalanx system

Show News

My next show I plan on  May 3 -5, 2018. AMPS International will be Dayton, OH. I also may be attending Misquitocon as a local NJ show in the spring



General Information

Rounds Complete!!

Walk around mortar photographs are presented with the permission and are copyright of Mortars in Miniature by Kevin Keefe. Other copyrights are also imprinted on some specific photos

Site Award

Our Troops

REDLEG-2-SCALE is dedicated to all of our troops and to redlegs past and present, who have made the artillery


People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." -- George Orwell

A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a blank check made payable to The Government  for an amount of up to and including their life.

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Unless otherwise specified, all models built, painted, photographed and are owned by the author.
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